• Recession Doesn’t Dissuade Arts Benefactor Baryn Futa

  • Posted on May 23, 2022
  • Years ago, the financial recession across the United States took its toll on society. A very significant toll. People lost their homes, their businesses, their entire livelihood. Many tourist destinations shuttered while a bigger collapse occurred among many industries, such as the automotive field. The recession proved difficult across a number of societal sectors, including the arts. They greatly suffered during the recession as vital donations to museums and galleries plummeted, and artists chose to seek more financially beneficial lines of work than the beautiful mediums they typically created.

    But arts benefactors and appreciators like Baryn Futa maintained their level of support. Futa chose to keep supporting the development and growth of the arts -- a commitment that he calls “a calling” that he must follow. Futa directly put his dollars and passions into artists and museums. He recognized their struggle, particularly during the recession, and chose to do all that he could to help the situation. The arts run deep in human society, and they will continue to do so, following the previous recession and any others that may occur, thanks to the support of benefactors like Futa.

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